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How do I update firmware on the DR650GW-2CH Cloud - Rearview Kit Compatible model?

Some months ago I attempted to update the firmware on my DR650GW-2CH, in response to the “Please check the SD card” mantra, and since then I have not been able to get the thing working at all.

Today I have been trying two methods. Firstly I’ve downloaded the new Blackvue app to my phone, and selected the DR650GW-2CH (2.008) file. However I read in the file notes that it does not support “Rearview Kit (R-100)”, telling me I need to get the Rearview Kit-compatible (v2.007). The app does not show the v2.007 file for me to download! Even if I try with a different file version, there is no wifi available with the camera telling me to check the SD card…

So I try the second method. I attempt to format the SD card using the Blackvue Viewer 2 app on my Mac, although there is no button labelled “format” so I assume that by clicking “erase” this is sufficient. In the “Firmware - Discontinued models” folder I find the DR650GW-2CH Cloud - Rearview Kit Compatible (v2.007…) which the phone app has told me is the one to use. I put that on the formatted SD card, insert in to the camera, turn the engine on supplying power to the camera, and get told “Please check the SD card”……

What am I doing wrong? Or should I consider this whole effort a waste of time and money, and ditch the damn thing?



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    Dear Customer

    Thank you for choosing blackvue and our apologies for the inconvenience.

     The error "Check SD card" shows that your SD card is faulty and you need to change the card.


    *It is recommended to format the SD card once in a week or in two weeks to avoid any operational issues of the SD card.

    *The BlackVue SD cards have a six month warranty period so you can contact the seller for the replacement of the faulty BlackVue SD card within the warranty period.


    *The main requirement (aside from the card being Class 10 or U1 ) is that the SD card must be formatted as FAT 32 [windows] or MS-DOS (FAT) [mac]. We highly recommend using BlackVue SD cards for optimal performance. The reason is that dashcams put SD cards under higher stress than most electronic products such as action cameras or DSLRs due to their constant recording. We test our cards extensively before selecting them for inclusion in our products, to make sure that their performance is good and degrades as little as possible over time. We cannot guarantee the perfect performance of cards from other manufacturers, as even cards with same specifications may vary from batch to batch. Especially the SanDisk SD cards, which show more restarting and stability issues in BlackVue dashcams.


    In case you can’t get a BlackVue SD card then please check out the following article about SD card recommendations for dashcams posted by a dashcam reviewer:


    *Please note that we can’t guarantee best performance of any third party SD card including the ones mentioned in the article in BlackVue dashcams.

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    Phil Charleton

    So "Check SD card" means the SD card is faulty. Where on your web site does it say that?


    I ask because I've had this problem intermittently for about 2 years, and permanently for the last 4 months, and it looks like I could have saved myself so much effort had I known that simple fact.

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    Hello Phil

      The most probable reason for this error is the SD card but it can be made certain by examining the card. The error is mentioned in the following link. 


    Thank you 

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    Jeffrey Newman

    Hi, I have the DR650S-2CH and encountered the same problem after downloading the upgrade and installing the folder onto my sd card, recorder kept saying please check the sd card. I did find you have to format the sd card in the blackvue viewer not the computer as Windows10 doesn't format to FAT32. But still run into problems, still got same message, so I checked the Australian blackvue site and found the download version was different, Version 1.007, Not Version 1.008. And hay presto it worked after a lot of hair pulling I'm back up and running, hope this helps for the aussies out there.


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