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Camera switching in app..stuck on rear camera

Received my replacement camera from my vendor today.  Swapped out the camera and now the WiFi that was non functional is working.

Installing the SD card and having the camera reboot / install software onto the card, everything was working fine.  i was able to adjust both front and rear cameras by switching views.

After setting up time zone, basic settings, WiFi and cloud, the camera rebooted and I was praying everything would be functional again.  Luckily, everything came back.

After the reboot, the camera switching in the app has become non functional.  When you go to a live stream sitting in the car, the forward camera is active and the icon for the rear facing camera is shown.  When you tap to switch the camera view to the rear, it changes to the rear.  When you try to switch back to the front camera, the camera icon shows front camera, but the image is from the rear camera.  

Multiple attempts to get the image to switch back prove frustrating.

How do I get the app to function correctly??



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    Hello Robert

     Can you please tell the version of app you are using. Please update the app to the latest version which should fix the issue.

     Let us know if the problem persists.


    Thank you 

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