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Normal mode?

Still a newbie having questions about what's normal about NORMAL MODE? My vehicle is parked most of the time, sometimes for days. So seeing endless videos with nothing of interest is my norm or PARKING MODE.  That said when I do drive somewhere I expect a record of it even if I don't have an EVENT. Instead all I see is my vehicle recently parked. No videos of the vehicle in motion unless it wrongly determines an EVENT has occurred. That can't be right, or is it? PLEASE ADVISE!.


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    How are you viewing your videos? Are you pulling the SD card and plugging into a PC, using the mobile app, or via the cloud? In the apps, there's a way to select which recording type is visible in the list. By default all are selected, but if you inadvertently deselect the Normal option, it won't show them.

    What size is your memory card? If you're parked for days, perhaps the Parking Mode recordings are just overwriting old Normal ones. Are you looking at the list immediately (or very soon after) a trip? With the 750S, Event recordings are kept, but older recordings of *either* Parking or Normal modes will be overwritten as the card fills.

    Enable the voice prompts in your Settings to announce mode changes. When you start driving, after a few seconds you should hear "Parking mode OFF". And when you park, up to five minutes later you should hear "Parking mode ON". That'll tell you that the camera is changing modes, at least. If not, you may have a setting not quite right.

    Once in a while a Blackvue person will post in these forums, but very, very rarely (and even more rarely anything particularly useful). Check out the DashCamTalk forums ( Lots of us BlackVue owners hang out there and can try to help you out.


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    Hi Brad, Thanks for weighing in...I'll sign up for the other web site as well.

    I've viewed the memory cards both ways although the "CLOUD" is essentially useless due to extremely slow transfer rates and regular 'hangs'. Another issue that needs to be explored!

    I alternate the 16mg card purchased with the unit and a 64mg Transcend card. Although I assume over writing data is possible with either card I have looked at the card immediately after taking short trips and find the "NORMAL MODE" is only saving moments when the vehicle is idle, e.g. parking lots and gas stations, none of the travel between these stops has been captured. Yes I figured out that specific modes can be selected and I've isolated "NORMAL MODE" immediately after a short drive and the results are dissapointedly the same. I also checked "LIVE VIEW" while driving using the built in WiFi and the phone app to confirm the cameras are indeed 'ON' and they are... I've heard switching to and from "PARKING MODE" but still nothing is captured I'm assuming while the GPS senses movement. The only time I've captured movement is during "EVENT MODE". I have no idea what the camera interpreted as an 'event' since the video looked like 'normal' traffic. 

    I'm beginning to think I may have a defective unit unless someone or BlackVue points to solutions to a host of issues with this unit.

    Thanks again!

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    Nicholas Sean Taylor

    Hi Makrie,

    Be cautious using the Transcend SD card. My DashCam supplier in South Africa has had numerous issues, when used with BlackVue units, with other brands of SD cards particularly Transcend and SanDisk, despite the class 10 rating.

    They recommend using BlackVue original SD cards or Samsung SD cards.

    BlackVue website also says the following on their website:

    "It is recommended to use the BlackVue microSD cards only. 3rd party microSD cards, especially SanDisk microSD cards, may have compatibility issues with BlackVue dashcams."

     Hope that helps.


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    I appreciate your input and I'm aware of potential issues with some cards. I've been having the same issues with the BlackVue micoSD's been my understanding there are fake Transcend cards as well as other manufacturers and the site that recommends them warns about potential fakes being distributed by some 3rd party vendors. I'm wondering if this might be the experience you're referencing in South Africa. Regardless these problems generally manifest as total failure of the card not as anomalies in operation. I'm still experimenting with settings including sensitivity to movement as I noted in one run all movement was captured in EVENT MODE. The experiment goes on...

    Thank you.

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    Hello Makrie

     Can you please check the names on your file. The Normal file names must end with NF and NR. Also please check in the dashcam settings if you have turned on the Normal recording option.

     You can check it by going to Basic settings > Recording Settings > Normal recording on.


    Let us know if you have any further questions.


    Thank you 

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