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Radio problems / No signal


My FM radio signal is being block when the rear cam is on, the following Video shows me unplugging the power to the front cam and how the radio is playing.

I'm only plugging the power to the front, because its easier to document, that it's a Dashcam problem. I have another friend with a Tesla with the same problem. 

Please can someone help, this cam and the on going problems is driving me crazy..

I most say that this might be my worst buy, had a Cansonic UltraDuo Z1 before and was working without any problem, but was missing the function that DR650s had, but most say after 1year with the cam it havn't been something that I would recommend others to buy.




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    Dear Customer

    We are sorry for the inconvenience. 
    The reason for that issue could be the signal interference from the coaxial cable. Please follow the troubleshooting procedure below and see if it fixes the issue

           1. Change the coaxial cable to a newer version if you are using an old coaxial cable which was manufactured before 2014.

            2. Please removed the rear camera cable and wrap it in aluminium foil with the foil making contact with the outer part of both connectors or the the following            ferrite cores (

           3.If the rear camera cable is routed along the roof, around the top of the passenger door cavity. Please change it so that  the cable  runs along the underside of                the door cavity.


    Thank you. 

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    Alright so back to the car shop again to ask them to move the cables around.

         1. How can I see if the cable is before 2014, I bought my dashcam in 2016.

         2. What do you mean making contact to the outer part, do you what me make it contact with the connector itself ?






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    Hello Claus

     You are using a new cable, so there is nothing wrong with the cable.,

    By outer part i mean the area where blackvue is written, Please install the Ferrite cores there because the signal strength is maximum at this part of the cable.


    Thank you 

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