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Using cloude cannot watch recording and live view

I am having problem watching the recording remotely, also I am having problem with the live view, I cannot watch the live view or watch the recording remotely,

I have tried the BlackVue windows viewer (version 1.13) and I tried the Samsung S8+, also I have tried the Huawei P9+, I have the BlackVue app (version V2.61) installed on my phones,

I am getting the following same error messages for the phones and PC:

Every time I try to view the live camera, I get error message "The camera is in use and/or cannot start this function."

Every time I try to view the recording remotely, I get the error message "Camera is in use. Please try again later "

I am using the DR750S-2CH, the camera came with the firmware version V1.001, I have reinstalled the firmware but still facing the same issues,

Please help me resolve the issues,






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    Hello Zer

    There are a few scenarios in which this error occurs. Please check if you are performing any of the functions simultaneously while accessing the dashcam through cloud.

    1.  When you are live viewing dashcam through direct wifi.
    2.  When you are playing file through Direct wifi
    3.  When you are downloading file through direct wifi.
    4.  When you are uploading file
    5.  When you are downloading, playing or live viewing file through cloud.
    6.  A lot of event files in file list when you connect with the camera through cloud.   
    7.  Numerous requests to upload files to cloud or a number files in queue to be uploaded to cloud.

    Thank you 

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    Martin Dalgleish

    I have the same issues with the same model dashcam (now on 1.002 firmware). None of the events listed above are occuring simultaneously.


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    Hello, same problem with my DR750s 2ch FW 1.002, remote view fails 99% of the time with the same message.....

    At this point I think it's a firmware related problem....Please Update and Resolve!!!!

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