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Parking Mode Motion Detection Sensitivity

 Have anyone got parking mode to work proberly on DR750S-2CH?

I have installed latest firmware 1.002, motion sensitivity is set to 1 (lowest)

I have enabled enhanched night vision, recording at Full HD @30fps + Full HD @30fps, normal quality

In parking mode, it records all the time, so after less than 3 hours, my first recordings is overwritten.

I have now ordered a bigger 64GB SD card to work around this, but still, this won't be enough for a single night in parking mode


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    David Bower

    Its same on the DR650S-2CH. The feature doesn't work. Disable it by setting it to 0. it will still pick up impact detection.

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    Paul Ellis

    The docco's do mention that if you park on a busy street then perhaps this feature should be disabled.  I too have set mine to 1 but it still picks up many vehicles (not all).

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    Michael DR750S-2CH

    I have the same issue on my DR750S-CH - similarly I've set my sensitivity for all parking sensors to 1 and it triggers constantly.

    There are lots of conversations on this topic saying the same thing and no clear reply from BlackVue committing to fixing what is clearly a broken feature (ie: creating event files based on visual motion detection).  The silver lining is that if you turn off the Visual Motion Sensing feature (M parking) but leave on the G force measuring feature (G-Parking) you will get footage when something physically moves you car - just not when an object is seen to move in your camera.

    Here is a quote from another user who has been communicating with BlackVue support

    "NP    November 18, 2017 23:29

    It has now been confirmed by a Blackvue Customer that Parking Mode Motion Detection Sensitivity cannot be adjusted on the DR750S models either.   The only option appears to be turning off the Motion Detection (Set to ZERO in the firmware), and raising the g-sensor sensitivity during parking.   As others have said, this situation is deplorable.  The feature should never have been offered for sale if it could not work in practice."

    Here is a direct quote from the BlackVue customer support officer from earlier in the year to which he refers:

    "Noman    September 22, 2017 08:28

    Dear Customer
     Thank you for your concerns.  
    The sensitivity of motion detection during parking mode has significantly been reduced in the newest DR750S. 
      It's not a defect but a feature which needs enhancement and due to some technical limitations it;s hard to implement in the DR650S however our engineers are still working on it.
     I am afraid i cannot tell you a certain time when the changes will be implemented but i will forward your concerns again to our planning team.

    Best Regards
    BlackVue Support Team"

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    My issue is that the parking mode doesn't autoswitch most of the time. Are you guys facing the same issue??

    Here is the post...still waiting for answers from Blackvue --->

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    I too am having the extreme sensitivity issue with motion detection in parking mode.  Setting to 1 still detects moving cars 5-10 feet to the front left side of the vehicle.  As a result of constant motion detection recording, the following damages and problems can result:


    1. Shorten the lifespan of your car battery from constant drain, even with power magic, constantly draining battery down to 11.8v will contribute to it's overall shorter lifespan.

    2. Risk of overriding important videos you need.

    3. Shorten life of the SD Card from constant and unnecessary video recordings.

    4. Creates confusion as now there are many motion detection files all mixed up, and it becomes almost impossible to find the single file when an important motion detection event occurs versus the false events.  One essentially has to look through dozens of recordings before finding one that may matter.  Who has time for this?

    5. This seems like false advertising as the feature cannot be used properly as advertised, also, sensitivity change seems to not work, which is in itself a defect.  Setting to 1 or max yields same result.

    Blackvue, please make fixing this issue a top priority for your next firmware update, and I will remain a loyal customer as I am sure many others will too.  Otherwise, I will no longer be purchasing or recommending these products.  Way too many problems with every version!   Your build quality is great, but your software and firmware quality needs a lot of improvement.

    Thank you for your consideration.

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    I have this issue too. If rear camera is connected, parking mode does not turn on after 5 minutes. It just continues recording. 

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    Jan Pedersen


    I just wanted to note that I tested parking again with firmware 1.002. Motion sensitivity set to 1. I was looking for a specific car, so well its more a real use case rather than a test.

    My camera had recorded around 500 clips during the night, but nearly all of them contained moving cars or people, so my conclusion is that it now works as expected, given that you cannot configure the cam to detect parts of the image only.

    But since I have 64GB there was enough space for the clips.

    Well, I found the car in the clips. But my biggest issue now is that it is impossible to read the number plates, of cars driving by, on the night recordings :-( I have now upgraded to 1.004 which should have better night quality. I hope this helps on this.


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    I updated my camera and parking mode seems to work now!

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    However Blackvue the motion sensitivity is still far too high, I also have mine set to 1 but it still picks up movement over 20ft away from my car. The other day my neighbour across the road opened his blinds and it was picked up.

    I would expect the setting of 1 to detect movement only 2-5ft away and I am sure a setting of 8 would mean it being triggered by aircraft flying overhead at 20,000ft!!

    Simply not the professional product we are led to believe it is and if a solution isn't found by Blackvue soon I will be returning mine as unfit for purpose...

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    The motion detection in dashcams is detected by comparing the difference in the consecutive frames. so either light condition is suddenly changed or some object moves infront of it, the dashcam will detect it.

    In the recent FWs of 750S and 900S you can select the region of interest for motion detection. Try it out. It might help reducing the number of unnecessary recordings triggered by motion.   

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