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parking mode and motion detection

 How can I test this feature?  When I turn the car off the camera shuts off.  I have the power pro installed as stated and I am a 12 volt tech by trade and do this daily however my parking mode and motion detection do not seem to work.  The unit is installed in a 2017 mustang so I know for sure this should not be an issue.  I have watched videos but it does not record AT ALL while the car is parked over night.  And, YES, the switch is turned on on the power pro.  Battery to constant, acc to ignition power, ground to metal.  PLEASE HELP.  This is one of the main reasons it was purchased and I do not want to return but will soon if I cant resolve this issue.  Also, I updated the sd card the day I got the unit.  


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    Hello Ryan

     If your dashcam is not turning on (no LED's) at all after the engine is switched off then there could be two reasons for it

    1. The connection of wires with battery are not set up properly. Please check all the connections again with a miltimeter.

    2.  The PMP could be faulty. Check the green light on the PMP if it's powering on after checking the power in the wires. If PMP is getting power and is not passing to the dashcam then ,most probably the PMP is faulty and in that case please consult the seller to get it replaced.


    Thank you 

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    Jim Jameel


    I have the same issue, the difference that the green LED turns off after a while which shuts down the dashcam. and Yes! all wires are power checked, Yellow is 12.7V after the PMP is off.

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