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Blackvue CS wont respond to emails.

Dec 14, 2017

I have tried on several occasions to contact Blackvue ( with Blackvue ignoring my emails.

I also have a DR650S -2CH that has quit since the last update and is now bricked. Not able to access it in any way or format it.

I have asked for a replacement as it is still under warranty but Blackvue wont respond, just like their camera's.

BestBuy is the distributer where I bought it, but have to go through Blackvue because I am over the 30 days for their replacement.

I contacted my email provider to confirm email are sent and have cc my other email account with no issues.

After doing a Google search I see other are also having the same customer service from blackvue.

looks like first and camera systems from them. The camera was never great for day one.

Poor customer service South Korea.



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    Hello Dwayne

     Please accept our sincere apologies for the delay in response through We will investigate this matter and  make sure that you get a response ASAP.


    Thank you for your patience and understanding

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