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DR650S-2CH-IR Flaws?

Hi there,

Am i the only one that thinks these systems have flaws?

- In the cloud recording directly, and not manually uploading to the cloud.

- No windows app for Windows phone.

- Viewer firmware V2.007 looks smoother then V1.004, to bad it is for the GW version.

- Cloud viewer cant open settings when sd is opent on pc. (See attachement).

- A option for a third camera.


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    In the cloud recording directly, and not manually uploading to the cloud.
    It would be great (but not feasible at the moment).  My 650S-2CH generates too many video files, so the data cost would be prohibitive.  The Blackvue system is far too sensitive to Motion Capture in Parking Mode (and generates too many files).  However, this would be a good idea if only Event and Manual Videos went directly to the Cloud.  I would welcome a modification whereby a third option could be given to the proximity switch (1. Record Audio 2. Manually Record 3. Save current video file to Cloud).

    No windows app for Windows phone.
    Hopefully this is in the development pipeline.  I would not have purchased Blackvue if it did not work with Android devices..

    Viewer firmware V2.007 looks smoother then V1.004, to bad it is for the GW version
    Is the v1.005 firmware any better for you?

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    I agree that somehow I thought this was going to have way more free Cloud features than it really does. I understand bandwidth limitations, especially for 1080+720 video, and the Cloud features work just fine for my purposes so far. Event and Manual videos going to the Cloud automatically whenever there's a WiFi connection would be really cool, and with that also the ability to limit automatic uploads per-connection (so you don't use up your data limit from your wireless carrier if you're using a mobile hotspot, but once you get home or to the office, the auto-upload could occur over unlimited WiFi). The Cloud storage could have a "loop recording" capability, just like recording to the SD card, and a permanent storage method, to save certain files to the Cloud until deleted manually.

    It would be great to have a Cloud-upload button option. If I had a choice, I would make it so that the proximity sensor did "Manual Record" when you waved over it, and then activate/deactivate voice recording if you held your hand for a few seconds. Then clicking the physical button would do the "Cloud Upload" function, while holding that button for about 2 seconds would turn WiFi on/off. These options could be programmed with the firmware selections, just like the current firmware lets you switch between "Manual Record" and "Voice Recording on/off".

    I have been using the 1.005 firmware from the moment I fired up the camera last weekend. My only complaint is that the "Failed to connect to WiFi" error is displayed all the time, even after I switched back to the BlackVue-brand SD card for a few days (which some forums recommended for fixing the WiFi problem), but the error message is displayed just as often, even when I'm sitting in the car (so it's not an issue with a weak signal). There's an FAQ I follow that gets it working most of the time.

    The picture quality seems okay, but I have nothing to really compare it to. I have it on Resolution: FHD@30+HD@30, Image quality: High. Here is a test video I recorded when I first started using it. Note that YouTube's video compression makes the video look worse than it really is while in motion, but you can see the true uncompressed quality during the parked frames, and it looks as clear as that during motion video when you view the original files.

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    Aschwin Rutgers

    After a long time, the cam worked for one day straight. i had to remove the PMP. this one was broken.

    I have a Optima yellow top, so i just decided to hook up the camera straight to the battery.

    Like i said, it worked for on day straight, and now its over. I can see the cam wifi on my phone, i see the router in my car on my phone,

    but when i want to connect to the cam over he cloud, its says disconnected!

    My opinion, or te software sucks, or someone is puling the plug.

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