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Rear View Mirror Simulation for Two Camera Systems.

Is it possible to produce a BlackVue Viewer that is capable of recreating the Driver's normal forward view at the same time as a horizontally flipped Rear Camera view.

I would like to be able to present the mirror rear view that is familiar to all drivers without also horizontally flipping the Front View.  In such an arrangement, a vehicle approaching to overtake from behind would be on the same side as the one it would appear from in the front view when the maneuver was completed. 

When I have shown a dual view to others, they have all been confused by the rear view not being "mirrored" as it is in a real driving situation.


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    David Bousfield

    Wow, you are really observant, I have watched miles of footage & never noticed this, have shown it to lots of other people whom have also not noticed.

    Next time I view footage it will be just another thing that will annoy me, thank you!! 

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    Hello NP

     Currently the Blackvue PC viewer doesn't have the function to imitate the rear camera's view as a back up mirror view but we will consider your suggestion to add this feature in the upcoming versions.


    Thank you  

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