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Connection issues via cloud on hotspot

I have a 650S and I can log in via cloud sometimes and sometimes not. I can wife in 0 issues. It's when I am away and car is in the same spot, I can view it them after that I have hit and miss being able to view the camera. Running Mifi only for the car and S7 edge phone.



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    Hello Jon

    Can you check if your Mifi hotspot remains on after you leave the car, Also have you tried connecting to another wifi hotspot to see if it an issue with a particular wifi hotspot or with all the hotspots?

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    This may be a bandwidth issue somewhere in the communication chain:

    A. LOCAL TO VEHICLE MiFi in Car to Mobile Internet Provider (is it 3G or 4G?).

    B. REMOTE VIEWING Mobile Internet Provider to Mobile Device App (3G or 4G?), or Internet Provider to PC (is it Ethernet or WiFi?)

    Successful operation is likely to depend on the weakest link in this chain (e.g. the slowest portion).

    Remember this kit was developed in South Korea (where they have some of the fastest internet in the World).  I can achieve reliability if I am parked in a UK City (with good 4G coverage) and using a remote PC on Ethernet fibre broadband.  Anything else is hit or miss.

    You can improve "A" if you use a MiFi Ariel in the car to boost the internet reception signal (plenty advertised on Amazon, but you need terminals on the MiFi to suit). 

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    We had issues with an Optus (Australia) wifi hotspot.  Turned out that the Blackvue did not like the default SSID on the hotspot which contained hyphens,  Changed the SSID to somenting simple and Hey Presto - All good.

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