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Error "Version information is different"" after new cloud firmware (650GW-2CH)

I just reformatted my SD card* that was working fine and downloaded the new cloud software for my DR650GW-2CH (I previously had the legacy software).

I followed the instructions - unzipped and copied the Blackvue folder to the card, and then popped it into the camera. I downloaded this from this URL:

The camera just kept saying over and over endlessly "Version information is different" and the camera now does not work..

What I can find on this error is “The version information is different.” – System language is different/Config version is different

I've definitely picked the English version for this particular model.

But I also noticed that there is a different firmware on the Australian (where I am) Blackvue site:

I'll download this one now and try it...




*In case it is important: I first did a full format in Windows 10 - which only allows exfat not FAT32. I did this so the card was properly formatted and checked for errors (which a quick format does not do). I am aware that FAT32 is required, so I then used the latest Blackvue Windwos viewer and formatted the card with this (but noticed it was only a quick format). It said the format was successful, and when I look at the card in Windows now it says it is FAT32 and fully accessible.



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    Alex Burnett

    PS - After some further research I read that the new cloud firmware requires a code to activate, and only for models after April 2015 (which mine should be).

    It would have been easier if they put this note on the firmware downloads page next to this model!

    I'll re-try with the legacy firmware.

    I'm the only one that drives my car anyway so little functionality gained from cloud, and it's usually parked no where near a hotspot.

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    Craig Price

    I have the same issue with mine as well. However, I purchased from Amazon (Authorized Reseller - The DashCam Store) in April 2015, but it probably sat in the Amazon warehouse for months, so was not compatible.

    I contacted support told me that I could contact a distributor and ask for a "Wi-Fi module upgrade service." I don't know how much that costs, but I am guessing you send in the forward unit and they send you one that has the required chip to do the wireless.

    They also told me that we can update the firmware all the way to 2.007; and they sent me a link for it. I can confirm that it works with my older 650GW-2CH.

    For Windows: 
    For MAC: 

    It says R-100 when you click on the link; when you download the file, the model and firmware version match. At least this way, we can get the better recording quality and bug fixes.

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    Darren Richardson

    I was unable to update from v1.005 directly to v2.008 - it resulted in the "version information is different" error - but I was able to update to the final version of the legacy firmware successfully (v1.011 I think), then to v2.007 and finally to v2.008

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    It shouldn't be that complicated imho - I'm a technician  and find the vagaries annoying and clearer information should be available. 

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    jason s

    Agree about the complexity.  There's no way I would recommend BlackVue to someone who wants a simple plug-n-play camera. Pity

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    jason s

    I was able to get the unit to accept 2.08 by progressively adding each version.  But mine in pre-2015, so I'm limited to v1.09.  The new app works OK.

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