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Blackvue Installation and the UK MOT Test

I have not yet put my vehicle through the UK MOT Test (annual road worthiness test for vehicles over 3 years old) since installing a Blackvue DR650S-2CH.  I researched the prevailing UK Legislation concerning Windscreen Mounted Devices. I have taken great care to make sure that the front camera is totally hidden from the driver's view (by the manufacturer's Rear View Mirror Assembly).  Even the Rear Camera is not visible in the Rear View Mirror.

Has anyone encountered a problem at MOT in the UK (mandatory or advisory) with a Blackvue installation?

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    I had no issues with the UK MOT Test and my DR650S-2CH installation.  The UK Law on windscreen mounted devices (that % intrude into the driver's view) is very strict.   So the Blackvue DR650 is a particularly good design (in being capable of being hidden behind most rear view mirror shapes).  

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