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"Dashcam model error" after using the wrong SD card


I have just upgraded the dashcam in one of our vehicles from a 750X 2CH to a 900X Plus 2CH. I made a little mistake: I reused the big microSD card from the old dashcam. As a result, the new dashcam read the old config files and not it believes that it is a 750X. If I add power, it lights up all the LEDs, and keeps saying "Dashcam model error" for about 30 minutes.

If I remove the SD card, it reacts correctly. If I put in an empty card, it will say "Initialising SD card", but then goes back to "Dashcam model error", and if I check the new SD card, half of the config files will contain 750X, others 900X Plus.

I found an old post about the same error message, but it was something completely different 5 years ago, and the suggested solution would not work either.

I sent a request to Blackvue support as this issue is urgent, but I have not heard back from them yet. If anyone has an ide, please, help. Now this $1500 investment (with battery and SIM modul) sits in the vehicle and does not protect our asset.

Can I do a firmware update via the SD card? Maybe that will help.

Thanks in advance.



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    Zoltan Mohos

    No, I cannot update the firmware from the SD card. It will repeat the error message. It does not even try.

    I can't believe that a $800 dash camera can be fried by simply putting in the SD card from another model!!!!! This is crazy. My head will explode. Help!!

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