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Need help with the dash cam mode switching

My dashcam DR750G pro with blackvue B-130X battery always shows "parking" in footage and even the car is running, it would not switch to "normal mode" . Sometime when I driving or stop at the traffic light, it just continue switch between normal mode and parking mode (according to voice notification). It seems that the dashcam are unable to automatically detect the driving and parking situation. (as stated in Blackvue official website -remain stationary for 5 minutes) or unable to detect the ignition of the vehicle. (With the blackvue external battery connected?) Also the GPS is not connected at all time. I am using SanDisk High endurance 128GB MicroSD card. Would that be the factor that affecting GPS connection? The signal interference is not the issue since while I was still using blackvue 64GB SD card, the cam can connect to the GPS for 1 and only 1 time in the first drive with this dash cam. What should I do? Thank you very much for your attention.


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