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B-130X Home Charging Problem

I just got a new DR900X-2CH Plus and a B-130X battery, which is plugged in to the car's cigarette lighter.  All is well except that I only have a short 10-20 minute commute each way 2 days per week and need to charge the battery at home on most days so that parking mode is recording.  I bought this converter to go from my US wall plug to a cigarette lighter plug:

 ALITOVE AC to DC Converter 12V 5A 60W 100-240V to 12V Car Cigarette Lighter Socket AC/DC Power Adapter Power Supply for Car Vacuum Cleaner Car

The problem is that the battery is charging VERY slowly - It has only gone up 4% in 45 minutes - and this error message keeps popping up in the Blackvue app:  [input power cut-off] The charging voltage is too low, which limits the charging rate.

Did I buy the wrong converter?  Should I be doing something different?

Much appreciated!

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    Melik White

    Funny that Blackvue has yet to respond to your question on their own website. Multiple people are having the same issues. I’m having the same issue with the B-124x. I have 3 expansion packs with it. All a waste of money if the can’t be charged.

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