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DR750S-2CH Not Recording / No LiveView

Hi all,

For a couple of years, I've had my DR750S-2CH running happily with a Samsung 64GB EVO+ SD card (U1, Class 10). Recently the card failed, becoming unwritable, both in the camera and on my PC. The camera drew my attention to the problem with its "Check SD Card" notification. I expect cards to fail from time-to-time so no issues, I'll just replace it.

I have attempted to replace the card with a SanDisk Ultra 64GB A1 U1 Class 10 and with a SanDisk Extreme 128GB A2 U3 V30. In both cases, the camera is able to format the card, but does not record any video.

If I attempt to use LiveView through the mobile app, without being logged into BlackVue Cloud, it firstly displays a grey screen, after a few seconds the screen turns white, then pops up the message "Network connection failed". After a few seconds more, the camera reboots and connection is lost.

If I attempt to use LiveView through the mobile app, whilst being logged into BlackVue Cloud, the camera tells me that its starting LiveView but after about 20 seconds it pops up a "LiveView failed" message.

Note, the camera firmware version is 1.0.20, and that all other functions of the camera work perfectly. The camera is hardwired using power magic pro.

Can anyone advise on what I should do next to resolve my issue?

Thanks in advance,



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    Joe Parkin

    For the benefit of the community, I'm posting the chat response from Blackvue here:

    Jane: Hi, good day from BlackVue!
    Please check your sd card match the information below.
    And you need to format sd card first with PC and then re-load firmware. 
    Please don't do it with app because we need to check the sd card status.
    SD card considerations
    1. The SD card should be at least Class 10 or U1 (Minimum serial data is 10MB/s) for it to be able to handle Full HD video recording.
    2. If the SD card is not fast enough, this may cause the dashcam to re-start as the card cannot keep up with the amount of data being written to it.
    We suggest using a Blackvue SD card as most 3rd party SD cards are not designed for dashcam use can and cause quite a few issues. Most 3rd party SD cards are not suitable for FULL HD loop recording as the heat can drastically reduce the write speed, causing the SD card to be unresponsive and the camera restarting.
    You can use the Find a store option on our website for you to find a distributor, dealer, or installer in your region.
    In case you can’t get a Blackvue SD card then please check out the following article about SD card recommendations for dashcams posted by a dashcam reviewer:
    *Please note that we can’t guarantee the best performance of any third-party SD card including the ones mentioned in the article in BlackVue dashcams.
    *The BlackVue SD cards have a six-month warranty period so you can contact the seller for the replacement of the faulty BlackVue SD card within the warranty period.
    *It is recommended to format the SD card once a week or in two weeks to avoid any operational issues of the SD card.
    Please do the following steps to re-install / upgrade the firmware using a PC (factory reset/troubleshooting) and see if it will resolve the issue.
    1. Download the BlackVue PC Viewer.
    * For Windows Users:
    * For MAC Users:
    2. Turn off the dashcam and take out the SD card. Connect it with the computer by using the micro SD card reader.
    3. After getting the backup of your necessary recordings saved on the SD card, format it as FAT32 [Windows] / MS-DOS(FAT) [MAC] using the format tool in BlackVue PC Viewer program (please refer to the attached pics).
    4. Download the latest firmware for your dashcam model from our website:

    5. Unzip the downloaded firmware and copy the "BlackVue" folder into the SD card.
    6. Insert SD card to BlackVue device and turn on the camera for upgrading firmware.
    (Caution: Please do not turn off the power during the firmware upgrading and you will have a message when upgrading is completed.)

    Video tutorial for Windows:
    Video tutorial for MAC:
    If the issue persist, I recommend to revert firmware to the previous version.
    Regarding live view issue, please let me know the wifi hotspot for cloud connection.
    re-install firmware with PC is the first step to resolve the issue. and re-configure wifi hotspot connection is the 2nd step.
    Please let me know after testing.
    Thank you.

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    I have the exact same issues as Joe Parkin.  The first sign of a problem was the "Check SD Card" notification.  Word for word everything Joe says is EXACTLY what is happening to me and many others as I have discovered while trying to resolve the camera's problems.  My camera is hardwired using power magic pro, exactly as Joe Parkin's camera is.

    When using the Windows desktop Cloud Web Viewer, I can connect and access the camera settings etc.,  but there are no recordings (the camera is NOT recording, not even manual recordings even though the voice announcement says it is), and when I try Live View it never shows the main camera like it used to BUT... when I switch to the rear camera it does connect! There is no way I can see to switch to the rear camera via the mobile app in this scenario but can do that with the Web Viewer on my PC. 

    Even using a BlackVue SD card, it does not matter.  I've tried everything, different cards, older firmware but no matter what these problems exist.  They exist when connected to my house WiFi and I connect through the cloud.  They exist when I connect directly to the camera's WiFi. I do not see how "re-configuring the wifi hotspot", as you suggest above, would have anything to do with our cameras NOT RECORDING ANY VIDEO AT ALL.  Even without all these connection issues, when you take the card out of the camera and put it in the card reader the RECORD folder is empty.  There is obviously a problem with our cameras or aspects of a later firmware on our cameras that isn't being replaced when an older firmware is applied because all of us would not be experiencing the exact same problems.  The problem for us is not the SD cards we're using, it's not our networks. This is the second camera that has not reliably performed and it's very aggravating.  PLEASE fix this.  

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