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Best third party micro sd cards?

Hi guys. Looking at best third party micro sd cards, as the blackvue ones cost an arm and a leg. Any suggestion for a good and affordable 256GB to 512gb sd card pleas. Reason I prefer more storage is I don't use my car often, so this makes it easier to then check once in a while. Thanks in advance.


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    Lori J

    Samsung Pro Endurance, Lexar or Westen Digital. They don't recommend Scandisk being it can overheat the unit. 



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    Giovanni Weeks

    My SanDisk 64GB micro SD card only has 58.27GB of usable space. My 128GB SanDisk micro SD card only has 119GB of usable storage... My Samsung 512GB micro SD card provides 476GB of useful storage capacity. So the pattern here appears to be that it only gives you 91% to 92.3% of the actual memory space geometry dash lite... As a result, a 256GB micro SD card would most likely only have 236GB of usable storage (it could be more or less).

    You should just acquire a 512GB micro SD card; Samsung sells a really decent one on Amazon, and costs for bigger capacity micro SD cards are getting more accessible. Before purchasing a card, read the Amazon reviews and compare the read and write benchmark test speeds (particularly the write speed). You don't want a big capacity card with a slow write performance, as this will make it difficult to transmit large amounts of data.

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