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Requirement to set up a cloud account to use mobile app

I think this is unethical, and possibly illegal.

I bought my dashcam a couple years ago and had access to download clips to my phone without having to agree to any information sharing or any other terms of service. Blackvue has now blocked my access to features I bought and paid for. This is unacceptable.

I have contacted Blackvue customer support inquiring about a refund for features I no longer can use. I don't expect anything, of course.

But I will be filing a complaint with the FTC about this (for all the good that will do).


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    Alex Kolesnichenko

    I agree, wtf with the cloud requirement? I I don't have an internet connection on the road, what do I do?
    I have 2 cars with cameras and I can connect to only one "for free"?

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    mark l

    I can't even connect my camera even tho the app says it is

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