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BlackVue iPhone app

The “same ID in use” bug is a pain. Why is there no auto-login? The amount of advertising in this app is ridiculous. I want to check my camera or battery, stop putting up an ad (no I don’t want cloud service). Do you want to lose customers? This is how you’ll quickly lose customers. I want to use the app and my devices without hassle, and you’re causing the hassle.  Put your ads on a different tab which I can access if I want to, not interfere with my use of the product.  Otherwise this is the last BlackVue product I will ever purchase.

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    I get the same with my android app. This update is terrible, I've never seen such a fussy and clumsy approach to an app as bad as this one. It also keeps saying there's a firmware update but when I apply it then I get a firmware unsupported message.

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