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My new DR970x-2ch LTE doesn't turn on anymore

Yesterday I tried to set up the dashcam on my car.
I connected the dashcam using the power cord provided in the box which plugs into the cigarette lighter. After setting some settings, trying some recordings and updating the firmware, the dashcam made a sound that it was about to turn off and hasn't turned on since. I tried the cable on another car excluding that it was my car but no result. The dashcam died after 10 minutes of use. I find this very disappointing, after spending more than 600 dollars and paying 150 euros for customs duties. I hope now that the support activates quickly. I'm very disappointed, especially having read on the community that I'm not the only one with this problem!


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    Follow getting over it

    Try this method, if it doesn't work, please contact the link above to have your questions answered.

    1. Turn the dashcam off and on again.
    2. Check for any loose or damaged cables and connections.
    3. Check for a blown fuse in your vehicle’s adapter.
    4. Reset your dashcam.
    5. Unplug your dashcam, if it’s plugged into your cigarette lighter. Wait a minute, then plug it back in.
    6. Ensure there are no kinks, twists, or compressions on any cords.
    7. Connect the dashcam to a different vehicle and check if the dashcam powers up. If it does, then the accessory socket in the original car is most likely dead. If it doesn’t start, then the power cord may be faulty.
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    Steperos Ferus

    Check the connection one more: Verify that there are no connection issues and that the power cord is connected properly. Examine the power cord for breakage or other damage.

    Check the snake io settings. Examine the dash cam's settings. Ensure that all of the settings are configured correctly and that no one configuration is creating issues.

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