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DR900x 2CH say’s powering off when in parking mode

Hi all Recently DR900x 2ch has been hardwired installed by professional in my Subaru Outback. Whenever dash cam is in parking mode, it says powering off after an hour or so and no recording at all . I have already tried switching different parking mode options but none of them worked. Has anyone faced similar issue and if yes what can be the solution please


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    Matthew Carmody

    I'll bet it isn't wired in correctly. Finding the correct "constant 12V" circuit can be a real battle. In our Audi it was easy, but in my Mercedes I needed to run a wire from a fuse-tap from the fusebox in my boot!

    My bet is they have wired it to the same circuit as the car entertainment system which powers down after 30-60 minutes. If your able change the circuit to a clock, hazard lights, or an always on 12v circuit like a 12V socket in the boot you'll have a solution.

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    hicks petty

    If the firmware is up to date and the wiring seems fine, it could be worth contacting the manufacturer's customer support for further assistance. They may be able to provide specific troubleshooting steps or offer insights based on similar reported issues.

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