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DR970X-2CH repeats "parking mode on, parking mode off, parking mode on" a couple times every other time I turn off my car

The camera is properly wired to both switched 12v (driving mode), constant 12v (parking mode) and ground. 

However it behaves oddly when I turn off the car it repeats "parking mode on/ off" maybe 2-3 times. This does not happen every time I turn off the car, but every other time.

I have formatted the card, loaded the latest firmware. No change.

Anyone else having this issue? I would love a resolution.


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    Verne Pederson

    Happens to me too.

    Since this has been happening for a while and Blackvue isn't addressing it, time to move on to a better dashcam.

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    Jamie Stephens

    Mine does the same thing. Very annoying

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    Alan Ky

    Mine does the same thing. Any solutions? Dashvue replied back to me saying it isn't wired properly? But my older model Blackburn doesn't seem to have any issues after 4 years..?

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