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Camera restarting when G-Sensor is triggered


For some time, I noticed that my BlackVue DR750X-2CH IR was restarting when driving on speed bumps. And of course, nothing was going to Live Event Uploads.

I could fix the issue by turning off G-Sensor completely (sensitivity: 0). Basiacly, When an impact event is triggered, the camera just crash and restart.

G-Sensor seems to work proprely as I can see the mouvements graphic when watching my recordings.

I already formatted my SD card (brand new from Blackvue) and reinstalled the last Firmware multiple times. The issue is still there.

Is there anyone here got the same issue as mine? I can't find any topic about that.



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    I have the same model (2CH)  but not IR (rideshare)  and it doesn't restart when I go over speed bumps , sounds like you have a faulty device and should RMA it. 

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    It doesn't seems like an hardware issue. The G-sensor is triggered the same way in Parking mode and there is no problem at all. 

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