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Wifi keeps cycling - can't connect either Android or iPhone app, can't reset SSID/pwd on-camera, can't reconfigure using Mac Viewer

1. WiFi turns on LED soild on, gives me about 10-15 seconds showing the SSID, then switches off, and starts flashing, then solid again, switches off again.

Iphone says Unable to connect, Android just doesn't connect to the app.

Turning off WiFi assist (iPhone) and Mobile Data (Android) did nothing the cam keeps power cycling Wifi every 30 seconds or so.

2. The voice prompts are bs.  Press for 15 secs, wait for prompt to press once to reset, says resetting, yet the same SSID appears for 10 secs as described above.

3. So no chance to reset anything using the cam

4. Took the card home, turns out the recent recording was in February (no prompts, no error messages, GPS and Rec LEDs happily blinking)  HOW IS THAT FOR PEACE OF MIND, PITTASOFT?

5. The Macviewer App brings up the Mac disk utility.  The formatting instructions on the site show question marks (Safari and Chrome) instead of the PNGs that could help understand what the hell it is I am supposed to be seeing.

6. Found elsewehere that the card should be formatted as MS-DOS [FAT].  Proceeded using the SDCard button in the Mac Viewer app, Disk Utility pops up.  There are three options -

NAME - Should it be anything specific?

FORMAT - Found that it must be MS-DOS [FAT] elsewhere in the sd card compatibility page urging to buy PITA soft cards, NOT in the formatting instructions page.  Very helpful, thanks.

SCHEME - Which scheme?!  You provide illegible instructions, the button in your app takes me to Apple's Disk Utility, yet you do not provide ANY info as to which settings are to be used.

7. Tried the default, the card is formatted, and now the Mac Viewer, when pointed to the newly formatted card, says NO SDCARD, so I cannot reconfigure and start using it again.

PS The card is yours, marked PITA SOFT.

What can I say, you are living up to the name your genius marketologists chose for the brand.  PITA indeed.



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