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Can’t connect to camera

My DR900x Plus 2ch Wi-Fi doesn’t even show up on my phones available Wi-Fi. I’ve tried turning camera Wi-Fi on and off, uploading new firmware via BlackVue desktop app, deleting and re-adding the camera in my BlackVue app. Nothing seems to be working. I’m just getting the “Unable to join the network” error message. My iPhone Wi-Fi assist is off and local network is on for BlackVue app. I’ve tried everything. Not sure what to do at this point. I can’t even make changes to the cameras firmware setting because the app shows that there is an update (even though I uploaded the newest firmware by formatting and uploading via sd card through desktop app) and wants to connect to camera Wi-Fi…and then I get the same error message.


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    Matthew Carmody

    I've learnt that the camera's WiFi won't always show up on iPhones. If you have another device (PC or Android) search for the camera's network.

    Another thing to do is delete the BlackVue app, reboot your iPhone and look again.

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    Noah Hawley

    It sounds like you've tried several troubleshooting steps already. Have you attempted resetting the camera's Wi-Fi settings to see if that helps?

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