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Transferring DR970X 2CH LTE to another vehicle

Recently purchased and professionally fitted above dash cams to my diesel car. Now purchasing another vehicle which is a PHEV plug in hybrid. Will I be able to swap the dash cams to my new vehicle? I’ve just noticed that there is an EV version of the dash cam! Thank you


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    Amelia jhnson

    The DR970X 2CH LTE is a dual-channel dashcam with LTE i p p t capabilities for vehicle monitoring and security. If you want to transfer it to another vehicle, you can follow these general steps:

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    oilu miun

    you should be able to swap the dash cams to your new vehicle, as long as the dash cam is compatible with the new vehicle and can be easily installed.  fnaf Make sure to check the specifications and mounting options of the dash cam to ensure that it can be securely and properly installed in your new vehicle. If you are unsure or need assistance, you may refer to the user manual of the dash cam or contact the manufacturer for guidance on transferring the dash cam to a new vehicle.

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