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Thinking of setting up two DR970X 2CH's in one vehicle for vlogging road trips


Was thinking of getting two 970's, one with LTE and one without and get them to cover the front and back windows with the 4K and the side windows with the lower resolution ones and use the connectivity of the one with the LTE to get the content on to the cloud for both.

Have a few questions:

1. Did I assume correctly that the non-LTE version can use the connectivity, theoretically, on the other LTE version in the same car to get its content payload onto the cloud?

2. Would it be possible to get the data moved from the temporary storage on the Blackvue Cloud onto another cloud storage with a lot more space and to keep a good longer term copy before editing the content and posting it and getting a copy down to a reliable backup solution after that?

3. Adding the auxiliary large batteries provided by Blackvue would be Daisy-chainable to cover the power needs of two sets of 970's?

Would like to hear from you if you have ideas or advice in general.

Thank you. 



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