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DR970X2CH is manual rcording by itself

My very new camera is, from time to time, manual recording by itself. An example of this is sometimes, while parked in my garage at night, it will begin recording at 2 or 3 AM for 20 to 30 minutes.  The garage will be dark so the video will be almost solid black, and there is no one in the garage.  Also, while my hands are firmly on the steering wheel and the visors are firmly latched, it will begin recording for two to five minutes. Does anyone have a fix for this?  I suspect I have a faulty camera.


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    Same happens to me. I had to disable manual recording.

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    Bill Doria

    The proximity sensor has been an issue since the last firmware update..
    I had to turn my proximity sensor off (DR900X-2CH Plus).
    If you look at other posts, you will see the same issue, on different units.
    Now, just waiting for the next firmware update, to see if the issue is fixed..

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    benson foley

    The camera might be set to motion detection mode, and even slight movements (like shadows or Block Blast) could be triggering recording.

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