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DR 770x 2CH LTE unable to list files over cloud after 1.005 update


I am using a SIM card for the cloud connectivity.

When i first got it from the factory/store, it was great. I was able to list and play files from the camera over the cloud and watch the live view.

However suddenly after a firmware update to 1.005 each time i try to view the files on the camera over the cloud, the cloud disconnects and the right most light turns off. After sometime it turns on again and reconnects back to the cloud.

Thankfully, the cloud upload feature still works, so if i have an event triggered, that file will be uploaded to the Live Event Upload section so i still can view it. This also proves that the camera can still access the cloud.

It seems to be an issue with the new firmware as the firmware that came with the product worked flawlessly.

I have tried the following and still does not work.
1. Formatted microSD
2. Did a manual upgrade to 1.005 which is the only version i can find online
3. Removed the camera from cloud and app and added it back
4. Rebooted camera many times.
Nothing works, please help.

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    J Lee

    thankfully... the issue seems to be resolved.

    my hypothesis is that they did some update to the cloud to add in the "lite" tier. but due to the camera being able to disconnect from the cloud (cloud daemon probably died or something), it gave the impression it was firmware, when it actually wasn't. So yes, blackvue could have saved us some trouble by announcing that cloud service could be down.

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