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DR750 - Touchscreen detect the wrong position

I am using DR750. Touchscreen detects the wrong position. It detects 1.5-2 inch left from the actual touch point. Now, I cannot go to the setting manuel, which is at the most bottom-right of the screen. 

Is hard reset or calibration available? It appears that the hardware is still working well.

Thanks for your help in advance.


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    I too am having this problem on two different DR750-LW (one for my car, one for my wife's).
    The Dashcam records fine, but the touch screen is out of calibration. 
    For me, the calibration is "squished" - when I touch the far lower left corner (the Emergency button), the Display button is triggered. About halfway in the Emergency button, through the Display button, the Wi-fi is toggled. If I select the Wi-fi button or the Mic button, the Mic is toggled. The last 3 buttons (Speaker, List, or Settings) causes the Speaker setting to toggle.

    This is very annoying. Is there a way to reset the calibration, or to start the DR750 in settings (or screen calibration)? I cannot get to the video files on the device (one reason I got the DR750).

    I've had this problem for the last 3 firmware updates, at least (I'm now running 1.020-750LW-E). Both dashcams are past their warranty periods.

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    I too am having the exact same problem. Have you had any luck in resolving? Any idea if this is a firmware or hardware issue?

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    I have absolutely the same problem. Who solved this problem? Now I'm using 1.020-750LW-E firmware. Upgrade didn't help(

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