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DR900S 2CH blocking DAB

Hi all, Had my DR900 installed for about 9 months, no issues. Have ferrite on power cable and camera cable at front camera, one at rear camera. Also copper tape full length of rear camera cable. Last couple of days my DAB has started to go off. When it’s off and I unplug power to the camera, the DAB comes back?


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    The cable between front and rear camera is coaxial and the communication is serialized, the power cable is connected to your car battery so imho basically all of your interference protection is secondary. The DAB interference is probably caused by one of the parts inside the main unit - but there are "Faraday" shields over the chips so probably only the power circuit is the culprit.

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    They sell ferrites to fit over the rear camera cable. I had it on a previous BlackVue camera and fitting
    The ferrite solved it. It was all good up until last week.

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    My DAB also went off last week. I also tried to unplug power to the camera and it went back again. I guess the ferrite solved it. 

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