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BlackVue iPhone app playback videos

Does anyone has any issue when trying to play playback videos, because im currently have a situation here, live event upload works great, live view works great but playback it's currently not working I have contact blackVue suppor regarding this issue and they told me to delete the camera and errase the app and put everything back again I did it and it didn't work, I also have another phone to make sure it's not the phone or anything and still have the issue the phones are updated. Does Anyone notice the playback it's not working, I live in United States New York, I want to make sure it's not me we'll to be honest I have a second blackVue camera, tomorrow I'm about to tested because the new camera I have DR7770x box get really really hot I'm concerned in case anything get damaged or so, because I don't see an explanation of this not working unless is the app they said the fix stability improvement but I'm stock here and I only can't playback videos by WiFi only I'm sick of this blackVue thing is always a issue with their app and they just trying to make it look it's nothing I hope one day they really improved this app functionality, imagine you at work and something happened and you cannot playback videos from Whatever you are it's frustrating I'm Paying for something that doesn't guarantee that if anything happens I will goin to have proof. I hope other company would take this dash cam project and improve it because it looks like it's a big project for blackVue. It's always something always.


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