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DR750X Plus 2Ch NOT entering Parking Mode...

Maybe this will help you...

I've got a pair of 2 Ch DR750X's in my wife's car (4 cameras).  One set looks front & rear as per normal.  The other pair is set up to catch the SOB who parks next to her & dings up her doors.  Well, we got him & we made him pay - yay!  So the car went into the shop to get painted on the SOB's dime.  Because I spent A LOT on 4 dash-cams, 8 back-up batteries, a WIFI router, a new sim card data account & a monthly subscription to the BV service, not to mention my time & installation efforts, and the learning curve to get all this working correctly, I didn't want the body shop's oven killing anything while the car's new paint was curing under the heat lamps.  So I pulled the systems, batts & router before we dropped it off.  When we picked her car up, I reinstalled everything, but I noticed that one pair of cams seems to now be going into parking mode intermittently & I think I finally figured out why.

The car parks in an apartment building's carport & thus partially "insulated" from the GPS sats (or at least some of them) when parked under there.  I drove her car a bunch today & everywhere I parked, it went into parking mode normally, but all those parking spots were outside without roofs covering them.  She went to the grocery store, parked in their open air parking lot & went shopping; I watched on the BV web viewer and presto - parking mode just like normal!  Then she came home and parked, and predictably, one cam pair set-up went into parking mode, but the troublesome pair did not.  I zoomed way in on the web viewer map, and noticed this: the cam pair in P-mode was stationary, but @ super close-in zoom, the pair that would NOT go into parking mode was actually moving around a little bit - a few feet this way, a few feet that way & back again, etc.

In the past, this particular pair of cams has on occasion had some GPS glitches, where they would NOT report GPS position; however the most recent firmware update seems to have eliminated that issue, as it has not occurred since that updating.  However, perhaps there is still some kind of hypersensitivity in the GPS receivers of this "troublesome" pair of cameras.

I read some posts that talked about unplugging connection wires & re-plugging them (possible but not likely); getting out the multi-meter and testing wire voltages & resistances (again, possible but not likely); checking fuses (they're fine); updating to the latest firmware (already running it).  There was also post that said to go into the cam settings and click off the Batterysaver; save the settings; then click Batterysaver back on & resave (that was super easy to try & it worked for its OP, but not for me).

Then it occurred to me: what's different?  The car is parked under the carport where it MAY not be getting full contact with multiple GPS sats.  When it was parked outside earlier, it was able to get a fix on multiple satellites, but maybe in the carport, it's not getting enough connections now for some (unknown) reason (the other pair of cams seems fine), and the limited GPS connection it IS getting isn't enough to satisfy it completely in terms of determining a precise stationary position, only an approximate position - and so that's why it keeps jumping around a little bit on the map.  (This is speculation on my part, but it seems to make sense).

So I re-booted the troublesome pair remotely via the web viewer and watched.  The cams came back "online" with their cloud connection, the icon showed a steady (not jumping around) position, right next to the icon for the "healthy" pair of cams, and with-in 5 minutes, the "troubles" went into parking mode and are still in the same map position (& also still in P-mode) as I type this.

My guess is that rebooting this camera set forced them to re-acquire GPS signals thus precisely fixing their position, and that allowed the operating system to conclude that since there are now no minor changes in GPS location, it's therefore okay to enter Parking Mode.

If your dashcams only go into parking mode sometimes, see if you can figure out when they do, when they don't, and what's the difference between the two.  Also, sometimes a simple hard-restart is good for electronic gadgets.  And you should also make sure to keep your software up to date - incremental versions are often released to fix bugs, glitches & other gremlins.

Obviously, I will need to keep an eye on these cameras in the future whenever she comes home to see if I have permanently solved the problem, or if it was just solved for today.  And if it was just solved for today, will a reboot solve it tomorrow?  Will that solve it the next day?

Good luck & LMK below!

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    Edward Ozogar

    Got em. Cool. I like a person who does his own trouble shooting.  :-) Must be a tech-e like me, I did the same thing on my 770x three channel system, had a camera that had a black screen. with a little troubleshooting it was bad cable. 

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