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What is a G-Sensor?


Aimed firmly at Blackvue staff... 

"What is a G-Sensor? A G-Sensor is an accelerometer that registers values based on the amount of force applied during an impact."

or to put it another way, if a vehicle (& therefore the camera inside) physically moves, i.e. due to external impact, then such movement is recorded as impact.

Blackvue don't appear to be aware of this definition, as their cameras (in my case DR900X Plus) always records movement of anything passing through the field of view while parked as Impact.

Impact and Movement are 2 different things as far as these recordings are concerned. But try as I might I'm unable to get Blackvue to understand this point.

If they can't, or won't, understand this then perhaps they should remove such a pointless "feature" from their app!


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