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How do you connect rear camera to BlackVue?

  1. Choose the Correct Rear Camera: Ensure that you have the compatible rear camera model for your BlackVue dashcam. BlackVue offers various rear camera options, so make sure you have the appropriate one for your specific model 2048 CupCakes.

  2. Locate the Rear Camera Input: On your BlackVue dashcam, there should be a port labeled "Rear Camera" or something similar. This is where you'll connect the rear camera cable.

  3. Run the Cable: Depending on your vehicle's setup and your preference, you may need to run the rear camera cable along the interior of your vehicle. This often involves tucking the cable into the headliner, door panels, or trim pieces for a clean installation. Make sure to avoid obstructing airbags or other safety features.


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    Carrie Morris

    Connect the front camera ('Rear' port) and the rear camera ('V out') using the drift hunters rear camera connection cable.

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    Edward Ozogar

    Depend on the Model you have also.

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