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Front and Back Video Lengths Are NOT the Same

I have a DR900 2 channel system, using the BlackVue SIM.  The front (NF.mp4) video length is 60 seconds,  However, the rear (NR.mp4) video length is 59 seconds.  This may not seem so bad, but when you bring both feeds into Premiere Pro and split the screen (top for front and bottom for rear) there is a problem.  Because of the difference in lengths, every 59 seconds there is no rear content so the bottom half of the screen goes black. Might not be bad for 1 clips but when you are bringing in 2 hours of video it's a real problem.  That's 120 interruptions.

I was concerned so I ran it by BlackVue support.  Jason at BlackVue Support replied with the following:  "According to our 2nd level support, the 59 seconds of the rear is the delay of rear recording (less than 1sec), it was trimmed at 59secs so that it will sync with Front camera recording." 

Not sure why, if both durations were et at 60 seconds should they not both sync to a 60 second timeline.  This defeated the purpose of purchasing what BlackVue indicated on their website that the video lengths were 60 seconds, not 60 and 59.


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