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DR970X-2ch interferes with sensor signals from TPMS and break sensor?


Had DR970X-2CH installed by Halford. After that, had new set of TPMS valves fitted. last Saturday, also had new rear breakpads and sensor replaced. Car is BMW 520D, 2014, F10. Car cannot pick up TPMS signal so warning lights about losss of TPMS cannot be reset. Also, cannot reset the break warn light. Found some discussion threads which suggest that the way the dashcam installed could interferes with signals from TPMS and break, etc. Have anyone had the same experience? Has BlackVue been made awared of such issue? If so, how can it be resolved?

Not sure how Halford installed the dashcam but is there a quick way to disconnect the dashcam just to check if the car can then pick up the signal?

Thanks for your helps.





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