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BlackVue DR900X-2CH turning off with ignition

Hello, I have a BlackVue DR900x with a CM100LTE and a B124 power bank. I have wired the power bank to a switched ignition source to power the dash cam when my vehicle is turned off. But as soon as i turn off the ignition my dash cam turns off. I assume this is something to do with parking mode. How can i set up my camera to stay turned on and live record when my vehicle is parked up with ignition off. Using power only from the battery bank? Thanks

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    To keep your BlackVue DR900x dash cam recording in parking mode with the power supplied by the B124 power bank when your vehicle's ignition is turned off, you'll need to configure the parking mode settings on your dash cam. Connect the B124 power bank to a constant power source in your vehicle, such as the battery or a fuse panel. This ensures @age of war the power bank is always receiving power, even when the ignition is off.

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