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Works in the morning, not in the evening...


I have the BlackVue DR650S-2CH & Power Magic Pro installed by an auto electrician.

It’s been working okay during the colder months (Australia) but the parking mode enabled by the Power Magic Pro only worked the first few days it was installed (18 months ago).

I’ve got bored of it not working…

When I leave for work in the morning, it turns on about 20 seconds after I’ve turned on the car. Great.

When I arrive at work, it turns off when the car turns off - no parking mode.

When I leave work 12 hours later, it doesn’t turn on until 25 minutes into the trip - sometimes longer.

The only difference when I start in the morning and when I start it in evening is the car’s cabin temperature. A lot hotter in the evenings.

The dip switches on the Power Magic Pro are correctly dipped, and it’s the second one I’ve purchased to troubleshoot the issue - same problems with both.

Any suggestions or recommendations?

The only other issue I have is that when downloading an incident from the camera to my phone via the wifi take ages - a 2 minute clip can take 20 minutes and sometimes timeout.


Thank you for any help.


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    Hello Henry

    Thank you for choosing blackvue and our apologies for the inconvenience.

     For the PMP issue, please plug in the camera to your car's cigarette lighter outlet and check if it shows the same behavior. We assume that this issue could be due to either an improper wiring, unstable voltage from the battery or a faulty power magic pro. Please check if the wires are properly connected to the right fuses and the car's battery is supplying stable 12 V current. If the issue persists, please contact our support at for further troubleshooting.

    For the wifi issue, please update the firmware using the protocol below which will solve the problem. 

    Thank you 

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