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Compatible SD Cards


Is this card compatible with DR750S-2CH Series Cams?

Samsung Evo Plus mc128d 128gb Uhs-i Class 10 Micro SD Card


Thank you.


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    Jan Pedersen

    I would use a MLC card to ensure stability because of the much writing a dashcam does. Especially if you use parking mode with motion detection.

    I use transcend 64GB High Endurance microSDXC/SDHC - it works


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    Jan, Thanks.  Does it make a difference in quality of the recording or just durability?

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    The video quality isn't related to the storage. Only durability. I've used the Evo+ cards, and they work for a while, but you'll eventually start getting write failures (the camera will detect and speak an error message). Only MLC cards like the one Jan linked or Blackvue's own card will survive the number of writes. If you turn off parking mode and only record while driving, then a non-MLC will last longer, but still fail prematurely.


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    Jan Pedersen

    Another note. I have not been able to find any 128 GB MLC cards. That's why I decided on the transcend 64 GB after a lot of searching. I think this is one of the best cards you can find for a dash cam.

    As Smithb mentions, the video quality is the same. I have seen complaints on the net though about corrupted recordings on cards because they wear out/fail, are too slow, gets too hot or other reasons.

    Also note that bigger cards will last longer than smaller cards for the simple reason that the files will not be overwritten as often because of the more space.

    Blackvue does sell 128 GB cards though, but they are not easily available in my country. I am not sure if their 128 GB card is a MLC.

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    I use these microSD card from SanDisk (SDSDQQ-064G-G46A) which is designed for video monitoring:

    Some notable highlight of this item:

    • Ideal for dash cams and home video monitoring cameras
    • Specially developed for high endurance applications
    • Proven to operate in temperatures from-25C to +85C 
    • Built for and tested in harsh conditions: Temperature-proof, shock-proof, waterproof

    With the 64 GB card and default setting of my DR750S-2CH, it can hold up up to 2 days worth of recording. It has been a couple of months and so far so good.

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    I have just purchased and installed a Samsung 128 GB PRO Endurance MicroSDHC Memory Card (model  MB-MJ128GA/EU).

    This memory card is MLC (that's a good thing if you haven't read up on it) and is specifically designed for dashcams and security camera applications that constantly write to the card.

    It replaced the stock 16GB card supplied with the DR900S-2CH unit.

    So far (a couple of weeks in) and it's working absolutely flawlessly. 

    I bought it for £65 + delivery from, but I noticed the price has fallen recently on by 12% to £66.

    I've used DIY Samsung SSD upgrades on Apple Mac mini and Apple Mac Pro computers for a while without issue, so hopefully, Samsung have ushered in a new era of good quality long-lasting reliable cards at more reasonable prices.

    If I have any issues in the future, will post an update.

    Hope that's useful, best of luck!

    Manufacturer's blurb for the 128GB card:

    Continuous recording up to 25x longer than speed-focused cards¹ gives you long-lasting, best-in-class endurance up to 43,800 hours (5 years)². The PRO Endurance secures data with an industry-leading limited warranty up to 5 years³ 

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    Kevin Car

    Hi is the Sandisk 128 GB MicroSDXC u-1 compatible with the DR750S-2CH truck 

    because the camera came with this card

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     U1 cards are not good for dashcams, especially BlackVue. Blackvue is quite a demanding to the quality of the card, and it is suggested to use Blackvue branded card. However if you cannot afford it, you might use a alternative from third party manufacturers, but i suggest to go with big brands as SanDisk, Kingston and Integral. In regards to 128GB Sandisk it depends what is the memory card series.

    For example the SanDisk Ultra 128GB would not be compatible, as it will not withstand lot of rewriting cycles.

    But if you get the High Endurance or max Endurance series Sandisk 128GB it would work OK, as it is built specially for the loop recording devices.

    Just do not forget to format your card time to time. 

     I usually format it on a weekly basis and my 64GB High Endurance from Sandisk is working fine for almost 2 years now with DR750

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