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R100 rear view interface

I own a DR750S-2CH, hard wired, and i'm trying but failing to install a R100 reverse camera interface. 

I specifically asked prior to purchase 'will this work with the DR750S-2CH' - as the manual states: 'R-100 is for DR650GW-2CH and DR650GW-2CH TRUCK models only.' and was replied yes it will.

I'm trying to use it with a 2017 Pioneer SPH-DA230DAB which has lots of settings and options that i've been through and arrived at the 'camera image' icon which displays a black screen stating 'caution the image may appear reversed' which i assume is where I need to be.

There's only three power wires:

I've tried wiring the live to the fusebox and even direct from the battery

The reverse to the reverse lights

The earth to the fuse box earth

Power is going through the unit and it's supplying it for the optional LCD.

I get a black screen and I haven't seen the LED on the R100 box illuminate once.

Any advice welcome.


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    Hello John 
    Thank you for choosing blackvue
     The R-100 rear view kit is not compatible with DR750S series. It is only compatible with DR600S and the dashcam models before.

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    Would you mind sharing this information with BlackVue UK and TTW who both believe it will work with the DR750S?

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