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OBD 2 wifi experiences or what other options?

Hi All.

New to BlackVue and waiting for my DR900S-2CH to arrive. 

I have a 2017 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab where the camera is going into.   I am looking for options to connect the camera to the internet for the cloud features and I'm not having much luck.

What are you guys using?  I found an OBD2 wifi thing from T-Mobile called SyncUP drive.  reviews are mixed.  so I'm still looking for what's out there.





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    I guess not many people take advantage of the cloud service on this cams..
    Just in case someone else is looking for the same as I am.. this is what I’m going with.. until AT&T gets theirs back..

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    Johnny Morris

    i am but its not very good i registered for the trial tracking package and as soon as i did i lost all cloud connection to my camera and no more live view. I was using my phone as a hotspot when i was in the car and the garage hotspot when at home.

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    Tom P

    I am using the Ford HotSpot in my 2019 F150. It works great EXCEPT I have found no way to keep it powered up in Park Mode.

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