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Where can I find somebody to set-up my Windows PC and Android Smart-Phone - Company can not help me

I have a DR750S-2CH - It is installed (Installed by a BlackVue installer) - I Cannot get any support as to where I can go in Maryland so ths unit can be set-up on my Smart Phone or Windows PC - Does anybody know where I can go in Maryland to get the software to function as advertised - The BlackVue company seems to not be able to help me _

- Thank you to anybody that can point me in the Correct Direction


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    Hello Roy

    The installation and working of blackvue is a simple do it yourself process. Please follow the steps below to connect the dashcam from your Smart phone or PC.

    1. Download the blackvue app from app store or google play store in your smartphone/ PC from the following links ( 

    2. Turn on your dashcam and connect the dashcam to your smart phone using direct wifi or cloud.

    3. You will be able to view live footages and change your dashcam settings from your phone.

         If you want more detailed information, please call our customer support toll-free number +1 (844) 694-4469 ,  Support timings are Mon-Sat, 9 am to 7 pm Pacific Standard time.

    Thank you 

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    You can also drop into the user-driven forums on DashCamtalk:

    Lots of BV users there who can talk you through the subtle aspects if you get stuck on one of the steps.


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