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Able to see live view on the Mac viewer but iOS times out

Hello everyone. Just installed the 2 channel 900. and a wifi hotspot in my truck. It all seems to be working fine. Except the iOS app.
I can do everything else on the iOS app and the Mac viewer. but on the iOS app it times out when trying to do the live view.
I have reinstalled the app. is installed on an iPhone 8 all up to date.
I also noticed. yesterday before installing the camera on the phone. at least on the Mac viewer . all the public cams showed up. today not one is showing.
Could it be the blackvue network? can some one verify if able to do live view from the phone app please and post results.
I called blackvue but they won't get back to me till at least Tuesday because of the holyday her in the US.

Thank you.

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    Leonardo Shin

    Did you ever get this issue resolved?  Im having the same issue

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