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DRS 750 2ch v.1.010 update


I am unable to load previous recordings after the firmware update.  A message pops up " the camera is in use and/or cannot start this function".  Only live recordings can be played.

Can I downgrade to a previous firmware?




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    Dear Customer

     Our apologies for the inconvenience. 

    Please refer to the article below for a possible reason and fix of this error. 

    Please email our support team at if the issue persists.


    Thank you 

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    Hi !

    I have the same story after the upgrade DR750S-1CH firmware v1.010 BlackVue Viewer can not find after 5-10 minutes the camera?

    When I cam restart or power down, it will be good for a while again for a maximum of 5-10 minutes and the connection will be broken

    cam IP pinging a computer the connection is available

    I reinstalled the old software v1.009 back and now it's fine

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    HI !

    I compared firmware v1.009 and I found the reason

    firmware v1.010 after using wifi, you will no longer be to connect to the hotspot, only a restart or power failure to the will help



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