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SSID, password, but UN?


maybe I'm missing something but I want to connect my DR750-2ch to the WI-FI at work during parking mode. The problem is that in order to connect to that WI-FI there is user name + password.

Where in the app can I write username? I see only SSID and password.





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    Dear Customer

    Thank you for choosing blackvue.

    Currently you cannot connect the dashcam to a Wifi router which requires username and password. If you want to do so, you might want to contact the Wifi network administrator and ask them to register DAshcam's MAC address in the server so that the dashcam can be automatically connected to the router.

    The 12 digit mac address of dashcam is 00:25:42 and last six digits of dashcam's SSID.

    Best Regards

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