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DR900 Cloud hotspot Wifi

Hi all

I just got my camera setup in my car. The only thing I’m having issues with is the cloud service WiFi hotspot. I want to make it so that my car connects to my home WiFi when parked outside.

The problem I’m having is a limit in length on the WiFi password. I have a pretty crazy password a bunch of random letter numbers and symbols, and it won’t let me input the entire password.

Is there anything I can do to get around this?

Thanks in advanced!


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    Change your WiFi password. You can google it if you want. But there are limits to where the length of a password becomes unnecessary and more of an annoyance.
    If someone wants to hack your wireless network and they have the knowhow they will get it done.
    If I remember correctly. Around 12 characters should be strong enough. Hopefully that won’t be beyond the limit.
    Personally. I keep my hardrives encrypted. I use a password manager, and also have a virtual PGP drive that requires a key that I keep in a usb drive.

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    Joakim Lindgren

    Oscar, Im sorry if you would know what you are talking about you wouldnt recommend member "Rift" to change his password.
    The security of the (Wifi) password is the algorithm, length and complexity of the password.
    With password managers (and a hardware key such as Yubico) you can use complex long passwords (for each app) without having to remeber them.

    I have the same password problem. BlackVue doesnt support the WPA2 standard ((8–63 characters or 64 hexadecimalnumbers).

    BlackVue: When will you support this?

    Sincerely Joakim


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