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Power to Camera, but it will not boot up

This is the original message that I sent to support, but not much is happening.  Any ideas?

Camera is about 3 years old. DR650S-2Ch and it has been awesome. I have the blue GPS light, but it will not boot up past that. I have tried all the tips on your site, and still no luck. I have tried several new SD cars formatted from the viewer, with no luck. I even tried different positions on the power cord, and it still just gives the blue light. I think it may be dead.

Do you have a repair or replacement policy? Or do you offer a discount on an upgrade? I love the camera, but wish that it would have lasted a few more years. I have a different camera in another vehicle and it is at 6 years old and still does great.

I look forward to your reply and I hope we can get the camera back up and working.

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    Hello Bart

    Thank you for choosing blackvue and our apologies for the inconvenience.

    If you have already tried inserting an empty, formatted SD card in the camera then the most probable cause of the error is a broken NAND memory.

    We do have repair service through the seller who sold you the camera or directly in Korea. Please contact the seller for RMA services and if the seller don't respond please send your dashcam's serial number to for distributor information or direct RMA through us in Korea.

    Best Regards

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