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1.22 crash to desktop

I have a Blackvue  DR 750 2 channel cam.

Viewer crashes to desktop when I try to view time lapse video or rear cam video. It works fine with front cam video.

I uninstalled 1.22 beta before I installed 2.01 on Win 10 64 bit.

Going back to 1.22 beta.

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    Try the new 2.01. It hasn't crashed for me yet, and I've been abusing it pretty hard.

    The only thing "missing" from 2.01 is 4x speed is no longer an option for Normal recordings (it is for Parking recordings). Not quite sure why that is.

    And when you do play at non-1x speeds, it now keeps the audio (also sped up), which is a bit weird. But tolerable.

    But no crashing so far.

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